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WOW is a program that began in 2006. It was begun by mothers who had a passion for gathering the girls of the community together and teaching them that they are incredibly valuable. A worth that goes much deeper than skin deep, to the very essence of what they were created to be.


WOW stands for Women of Worth. The mission is straightforward: Educate middle school girls with the truth of what God says about them as His Creation. This truth is stronger than any of the mistakes that we make or the hardships that have come upon us. Through God we can know joy, love, and peace along with a true sense of self worth.

Image by Sam Manns


We believe in what the Scripture says about people. That we are created in God's image. And even though we have made mistakes and run from Him, He loves us and offers to save us. Because of this we are not defined by our mistakes but by His love and purpose for us.

My years in WOW were an awesome experience where I got to have fun while learning about the Lord! It always felt like a safe space to express myself; whether I was sharing in groups or while dancing and worshipping together. 

Krystal Rubio

WOW was such an amazing time for me, it was so rewarding to be refreshed seeing girls all your age who love the Lord, growing with them all while having so much fun! It is such a blessing to be able to be apart of WOW & could be a huge part of your faith! 

Mallory Meadows

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